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Before, during and after the grading full Karate and Dojo etiquette applies and failure to adhere to this at anytime, can result your grading being stopped or your grade reduced. The following points are specific to the grading in addition to Dojo/Karate etiquette.
- Remain sitting crossed legged or kneeling and silent whilst others are grading and there must be NO coaching, instruction or laughter towards any other student grading.
- Before your grading begins and after your grading is complete you will be asked to turn to the Senior Examination Table and bow to the Sensei.
- You must listen to what you are being asked to do. If you do not understand, ask for it to be repeated or explained by

putting your feet together in Heisoku dachi, bowing, and saying “Oss Sensei, please can you….etc” You must then bow to the Sensei to acknowledge your understanding.
- Breath….Relax…You will not be asked to do anything you have not already done during a training session – so concentration is key!
- Never ask to stop the grading for any reason such as asking for a drink, opening windows, doors etc. Remember your instructors are experienced enough to know when a grading needs to be stopped and this will only be as the result of a safety or imminent health risk.
- Students must make sure they have gone to the toilet, taken on fluids (drinks etc.) before the grading commences.